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expert-magento-servicesE-Commerce is a broad category web solutions designed to sell stuff. It runs the gamut from the very simple PayPal click to buy button all the way to a 20,000 SKU automobile parts supplier with make/model/year data, complex products comprised of several single products, international shipping, multiple shippers and multiple payment gateways, custom design themes, integrated dealer database/mapping and more. Companies shopping for a E-Commerce solutions need to partner with a expert firm who understands which platform and approach is best for your needs.

For higher end transactional, inventory complexity and industrial E-Commerce websites, Cohesive provides expert Magento development services. We have built complex and highly integrated solutions that work with outside APIs and data sharing. And Magento is serious business.

Magento also requires intelligent hosting configuration and caching techniques to provide the maximum front end user experience which translate into maximized conversion (sales). If you need serious E-Commerce, schedule a call with Cohesive to discover what Magento can do for your bottom line.

Expert Wordpress ServicesWith >23% of the world's websites running it, Wordpress is the king of CMS platforms. There are many good reasons for this. It does many things well, it is free and open source, many users know how to use its easy administrative interface and it is a killer blogging platform.

Cohesive recommends Wordpress when it is the obvious "right tool for the job" for the scope that is presented for a given project. We have built more than 60 Wordpress websites which have included custom responsive themes, custom extensions and other expert Wordpress services. 

Wordpress is also great when budgets are tight, project scope is small or of course, the primary purpose is a blog.  And Wordpress also has the largest third party extension community of any CMS. Looking for a Wordpress expert? Work with us.

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